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Bringing Baby Home

A relationship-building workshop for new & expecting parents

As you grow your family,

Grow Your Partnership

Ok, hard truth: no matter how strong a relationship is, shifting from dynamic duo to tremendous trio can be a bumpy ride. According to decades of extensive research on couples and families, The Gottman Institute has shown that for the majority of parents, relationship satisfaction decreases significantly during the transition to parenthood. They got curious about this, and explored what was different about those couples for whom relationship satisfaction did not decline...and guess what they found? There are specific, teachable skills that can be learned and applied that can fundamentally change this pattern of dissatisfaction. And the Bringing Baby Home Workshop was born, and has been researched throughout the world with identified success in transforming couples experience of their relationship as they transition to parenthood.

Learn more about the research and the method to our madness here.

Bringing Baby Home:

The Workshop

Bringing Baby Home is a two day workshop for couples, created by The Gottman Institute. Rooted in groundbreaking research, this workshop will offer couples a strong foundation for connecting with each other and their children. Join us as we laugh, learn and connect together. Whether you are becoming parents for the first time or the fifth, this workshop promises to give you the tools to build a happy, healthy family. 

Offered by two Gottman Institute Certified Educators and Registered Clinical Counsellors from ThriveLife Counselling & Wellness, this workshop promises to offer couples all of the best wisdom and support possible. We offer this workshop because we want to see families thrive, and we believe that deeply connected, healthful partnerships lead to healthy families. 

We are delighted to be joined by a local doula who will present on topics around birth and postpartum care.

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In-Person Workshop


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Fall 2020

See daily schedule below for times

This course is offered three times annually



Includes delicious snacks, beverages and exquisitely catered lunches. Covers costs of all materials and two trained facilitators.

Ready to baby-proof your relationship?

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We are so excited to offer this research-based, relationship-building program locally in the Fraser Valley. And we are thrilled you would like to join us! 

We will open registration approximately 6-8 weeks in advance of our next workshop dates. Please subscribe to our emails to be the first to find out about upcoming dates.

Meet our Presenters

We're super excited to bring this workshop to the Fraser Valley!

Clinical Counsellor & Director of ThriveLife Counselling & Wellness

Lindsay Faas

Clinical Counsellor for over a decade, specializing in trauma therapy. Lindsay loves her counselling practice, as well as her role as owner of ThriveLife and director of its amazing team. Lindsay has been married for 13 years and is mom to two young, energetic kids.

Learn more about Lindsay here.

Clinical Counsellor with ThriveLife Counselling & Wellness

Karen Peters

With over twenty years of counselling experience, dedicated to supporting families. Karen thrives in balancing her roles as counsellor, educator and facilitator...along with caring for her family, which includes her husband of 14 years, and her two school aged kids.

Learn more about Karen here.


Come comfortably dressed. Lunch, snacks and refreshments will be provided. Pre-mobile babies are welcome to attend with their parents.

Day One
  • 8:45AM - Doors Open, Mingle & Settle In
  • 9:00AM - Morning Start Time
  • 12:00-1:00pm - Catered Lunch 
  • 1:00PM - Afternoon Start Time
  • 4:30PM - End of Day One, Get Some Rest!

Topics We'll Be Tackling:

  • Challenges transitioning to parenthood
  • Strengthening friendships through some of the key principles identified by The Gottman Institute's research including Building Love Maps; Investing in fondness and admiration; Investing in the emotional bank account; and Maintaining positive perspective.
  • Developing tools for stress-reducing conversations; managing emotional flooding; noticing the warning signs of relationship meltdown and practicing constructive problem solving.
Day Two

  • 9:00AM - Morning Start Time
  • 12:00-1:00pm - Catered Lunch
  • 1:00PM - Afternoon Start Time
  • 4:30PM - End of Day Two, You are Masters Now!

Topics We'll Be Tackling:

  • Honouring our own family histories
  • Recognizing the role of Fathers
  • Understanding baby blues, postpartum mood disorders and other mental health issues
  • Developing connection and attachment with your children
  • Preserving intimacy and romance in your relationship
  • Creating shared meaning, family values and rituals of connection

What You Get

We have done all we can to soak this weekend experience in value, and we hope you will consider joining us. To give a sense of what to look forward to...

Each couple will participate in two full days of intensive experiential learning. You will be taught by two qualified facilitators, and you will be encouraged to take the learning material and develop applications to your own specific relationship dynamic.

Each couple will receive a course pack that includes value-packed resources designed and supplied by The Gottman Association. The course pack is beautiful and incredibly's like they knew they were designing it for parents with "baby brain"! 

Each couple will spend the two days in a beautiful room, supplied with delicious snacks and beverages to see you through the day. We will also provide you with an incredible catered lunch each day, that can be customized for nutritional needs. All couples will have their own table and chairs, to allow for discussion between presentation points. We recognize that attending an all-day training as a pregnant woman, or with a newborn, can be difficult and uncomfortable - we will take lots of breaks and show tons of support to make sure this workshop is a wonderful connecting experience.

Each couple will have the bonus of hearing from an experienced doula who will be joining us to present briefly on topics of birth and infant care. We will also have support from one or two counselling interns who will support discussions and connecting time. And, the power of learning in a group cannot be diminished - it can be transformational to hear from others, experience normalization and make new connections with future friends.

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We'll hope to see you next time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the big deal about the

Gottman Institute?

Dr John and Dr Julie Gottman run one of the most comprehensive research labs worldwide, specializing in exploring relationship satisfaction and relationship challenges for couples. Their decades of research has been published in numerous academic articles, and over forty books, including several bestsellers. Their work takes academic research and converts it into totally practical tools and strategies for real couples to create real change. They have taken all they've learned about couples transitioning to parenthood (each baby is a new transition) and created the Bringing Baby Home program from their findings. They have researched the outcomes of the program in several countries throughout the world and the results are truly amazing.

We have a solid relationship...

Do we really need this workshop?

The transition to parenthood is not for the faint of heart. Truly great couples with really solid relationships often find themselves turning against one another when sleep deprivation sets in. Facing the unique challenges of parenthood tends to bring out some of the worst in us, and we can fall into old patterns that are hard to shake. The Bringing Baby Home workshop offers tangible tools to shift patterns, create common language for talking through problems, and developing a strengthened friendship that can be resilient to the bumps that will come. These tools are grounded in the specific findings from decades of relationship research and are proven to be effective.

We are already paying for a doula, a photographer, and all the best baby gear...

Do we really need this too?

Having a baby can be an expensive undertaking. We encourage couples to think of this workshop as an investment into the wellbeing of your partnership as well as your family. The learning that will come from this workshop will carry forward into your relationship and shape the foundation on which your growing family learns to care for and support one another into the future. For those who have come from difficult family experiences, the tools developed in this workshop will support changing the family legacy you offer to your own children and will help you to model healthful relationship. The research shows that couples who take Bringing Baby Home tend to experience greater father involvement in parenting, decreased risk for postpartum mental health concerns, increased relationship satisfaction over the long term, and greater bonding and attachment relationship between parents and baby. 

Parents often pour significant investment into preparing for a new baby. We take pre-natal classes, infant care classes and parenting courses to prepare for all that is to come. We also invest in the safest car seat, best stroller and all the gear. We invest in having the birthing team and the photographer to capture all these big moments. But consider investing in the one thing that will remain a constant in your child's life - YOU. Your relationship will be the model for your child's future relationships. It can offer a sense of safety and stability to your children, and should also offer this to each of you. Just as pre-marital courses prepare couples for the transition into a life together, Bringing Baby Home prepares couples for their next significant life transition and the tools learned in this course act as safeguards for the relationship and the family.

As anything, if we value something enough we can often find a way to make it happen. For couples where the cost of attending feels prohibitive, we encourage you to consider asking for contribution to this course as a group baby shower gift, or contribution from family members who long to see your family thrive. 

We have a toddler or older children,

Is this workshop still for us?

Yes! Each new child is a new transition for a family. And each new child also comes with sleep challenges, hormone changes, and relational struggle. If you found the first time, or two, or four, difficult, it's not too late to develop the tools to shift these patterns for your family. We welcome parents who have a child under 3 years old to join us.

Pre-mobile babies are welcome to join with their parents, and we will work to support you through the workshop learning while balancing feeding, changing, bouncing and all the rest. 

Mobile babies and older children as not able to attend, and we recognize that this can be a barrier to attending. We plan to offer one workshop a year where childcare will be made available for an additional fee per child. If this interests you, please subscribe to our email list (above) to receive updates about when this will be offered.

Are you a Helping Professional?

We value our community partners who refer to and support this program. Interested in more information? Subscribe for information and updates specifically for community helping professionals wanting to support couples in the transition to parenthood.